Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

When you see a product having the “Pro” word in the moniker, you know that the product means business. You know that the product offers more. You know that the product is top notch.

That is true with the Wilson Pro mobile phone signal boosters. weBoost, formerly known as Wilson Electronics, is one of the best mobile phone signal booster manufacturers in the world. But, they’ve actually created a sister company carrying the Wilson brand with them.

The Wilson Pro mobile phone signal boosters a little bit more advanced than the weBoost signal boosters, that is why they put in the “Pro” word to its name.

Today, we are going to talk about the Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is a great signal booster that can either be used in homes or offices. It is very easy to install and it can also support 4G LTE as well as 2G and 3G signals as well.

The Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster promises to give you better phone call clarity, faster and cleaner data connectivity, a much-improved mobile phone signal reception indoors, and it can also passively extend the battery life of your mobile phone.

What makes the Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster great aside from the features that I’ve already mentioned is that the external antenna, the signal amplifier, and the internal antenna are constructed with an anti-lightning surge protection material.

As we all know, we cannot control the elements and whenever a lightning strikes near our house, it could also spell some lightning surge that can potentially damage your hardware.

Fortunately, when using the Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will not have to worry about that because this signal booster kit is designed to withstand even the most rigorous weather conditions.

With that being said, how do you install the Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Here are the steps:

  1. Since the Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster makes use of a yagi-directional antenna, look for the best possible direction where you can get good enough signals. Use your mobile phone to do just that. After knowing the best direction, point the yagi-directional external antenna towards that direction for best results.
  2. The Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is then very easy to use after installing the external antenna. Basically, put the signal amplifier along with the internal antenna in the middle point of your house for maximum coverage (this is because the internal antenna is an omnidirectional antenna).
  3. Next, plug the power adapter to the AC power supply socket and plug it into the signal amplifier.
  4. Power on the device and wait for the signal booster to initialize. This is easy to know since the signal amplifier has a handy LED notification panel. After that, you should be all set!

The Wilson Pro 463134 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a high-grade signal booster. Built with sturdy components and the ability to boost even 4G LTE signals, you cannot go wrong with the Wilson Pro 463134.

Huawei Honor 7

Huawei is another great Chinese mobile phone company in that they, along with Xiaomi, has created numerous mid-range phones that offer better specs than more prominent manufacturers out there.

In this article, we will talk about the Huawei Honor 7. I am very pleased with the design of this mobile phone mainly because of its metallic unibody frame. A lot of Chinese mobile phone companies have employed this design aspect even to their mid-range line ups and I think that more prominent companies should take notes.

Not only does a metallic unibody design speaks of more durability but it also provides a premium aesthetic as well. The Huawei Honor 7 also has a ceramic-coated finish to help in gripping the phone with ease.

It only has a thickness of 8.5mm and it weighs at only 160 grams. It is a little bit on the heavy side but it does provide a premium feel and heft to it.

The display of the Huawei Honor 7 is also really, really good. The Android mobile phone comes with a 5.2-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a pixel count of 424 ppi. The mobile phone company also boasts of a whopping 1500:1 contrast ratio and an 85% color saturation rate for a truly stunning visual experience.

The performance aspect of the phone is also quite impressive. The Huawei Honor 7 is packed with an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor which has a clock speed of 2.2GHz. Couple that with the Mali-T628 GPU and a hefty 3GB of RAM, and you’ve got a great mid-range phone with impressive multitasking capabilities.

This mobile phone also has a 4G LTE support and it also comes with some wealthy additions such as NFC, dual-SIM slots, a microSD card support of up to 128GB, 16 to 64GB of Internal storage, and a fingerprint scanner.

It is nice to see fingerprint scanners readily made available on mid-range mobile phones. Fingerprint scanners are a godsend for people who want to add an extra layer of security to their mobile phones.

The Huawei Honor 7’s fingerprint scanner is very impressive as it has good sensitivity and it also acts as a swipe gesture sensor as well. The swipe sensor allows you to do some of the phone’s functionality by swiping your finger on it (without touching the screen or the sensor). For example, you can swipe your finger down and it will show you the notifications panel. Pretty cool, huh?

The Huawei Honor 7 is no slouch either. This mobile phone comes with a 20-megapixel rear camera with a dual-tone LED flash and an aperture of f/2.0. It also comes with an 8-megapixel front camera with an aperture of f/2.4.

To complement the Huawei Honor 7’s camera, it also comes with a nice camera application with various photo enhancements such as the Panorama, Super Night mode, among others.

The Huawei Honor 7 is a truly impressive mid-range phone that houses not only great specs but also a great screen and camera as well. It also comes with a much-needed fingerprint scanner that also acts as a swipe gesture scanner as well.

This mobile phone only costs $380. For the price, it is a killer deal.

Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router

Technologies evolve and different manufacturers bring that to us in the form of amazing products.

Today, we are going to take a look at a new generation router that takes advantage of the AC1900 networking protocol. I am talking about the Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router.

To know more about the router, let’s take a look at its features:

  • Up to N600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC1300 Mbps (5.0 GHz) speeds with Simultaneous Dual Band
  • 3 adjustable external antennas provide maximum range
  • Includes Linksys Smart Wi-Fi providing easy CD free set-up, remote network management, parental control and app-enabled networking
  • 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port to print, share and store content
  • Beam forming technology follows your Tablet, Smartphone or Notebook to ensure a great connection as you move around your home
  • Dual Core 800Mhz CPU for lightning-fast processing
  • 4 gigabit ports to connect wired devices
  • DLNA certified for home media management

The Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router is a dual-band router that sports three external high-gain antennas that provide an amazing range. Eliminate dead spots without ever having the need to buy a Wifi range extender.

Linksys boats of speeds of up to 4.3x faster than the previous Wireless N technology. We are talking about 1900 mbps of collective data here (600mbps for the 2.4GHz band and 1.3mbps for the 5GHz frequency.

This router sports 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports as well. Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to have wired connections with guaranteed 1.9 GBps of data streams.

The Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router’s got 2 USB ports; 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0. This is perfect if you want to share printers and shared media all over the network. The router is also powered with an 800MHz Dual-core processor for faster computing and routing times than any other AC1900 router on the market.

Furthermore, the Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router has a beam-forming technology that helps concentrate the connection to devices that truly need it. For example, if a friend of yours was downloading content over the internet, and you are gaming on another device, you will not lag even though he is using the internet connection to download files.

Also, the Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router comes with a CD that has a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi software. I highly advise you to not use the CD. Instead, just download the latest version of the software directly from their website as the software that came with the CD will surely be out of date.

Lastly, you can download a companion app for your smartphone to let you know that activities of the router, as well as you can access the control panel wherever you are. The companion app is supported by both iPhone and Android devices.

Enjoy fast internet speeds and impressive coverage throughout your entire home. Share media, printers, game at peace without any lags whatsoever thanks to the new AC1900 Wifi technology.

The Linksys EA6900 Wifi Wireless Router is a good wireless router from a very reputable company. This router only costs $128.

Corsair Scimitar RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair has been in the computer parts industry for so many years and they are venturing into greater heights! In 2010, they started to create gaming peripherals for the mass consumer to see how it fares. Luckily for them, their gaming peripherals were a sure success, and they’ve created a lot more since then.

cosairToday, we’re going to take a look at their newest gaming mouse that was specifically designed with the MMO gamer in mind. This mouse is the new Corsair Scimitar RGB gaming mouse.

The Scimitar is an RGB gaming mouse that has a lot of bells and whistles to help the MMO gamers. There is a total of 17 programmable buttons you can assign macros to using the Corsair Utility Engine.

Moreover, the aesthetics of this mouse are just so appealing. The mouse sports a black and yellow color scheme, with the Corsair logo in the middle of the mouse. The mouse wheel and the logo can be assigned colors using the proprietary software. In fact, you can use the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors! So, let your imagination run wild!

Here are the mouse features:

  • The world’s most advanced MOBA/MMO gaming mouse
  • Revolutionary Key Slider macro button control system
  • 8mm travel with secure locking mechanism
  • Textured, contoured buttons
  • Mechanical switches for precision control
  • Optimized shape for MOBA and MMO
  • 17 programmable buttons with timer and double macro support
  • Multiple rest points for high-endurance comfort
  • 12,000 DPI zero-acceleration optical sensor for super-accurate control
  • Powerful, comprehensive backlighting software
  • Key Slider macro button control system meld comfort with control

And, if you want to know the exact specifications of this gaming mouse, here they are:

  • DPI: 100 dpi – 12000 dpi
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Mouse Backlighting: 4 Zone RGB
  • Programmable Buttons: 17
  • Report Rate: Selectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
  • On-board Memory: Yes
  • Weight: 147g
  • Mouse Feet: Extra Large PTFE
  • Dimensions: 119.4mm x 77mm x 48.8mm
  • CUE Software: Enabled
  • Cable: 1.8m Braided Fiber

This gaming mouse is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also superior in its construction. The braided cable is a nice addition and it provides another layer of protection. It is also tangle-free as well.

Let’s see what fellow gamers have to say about the Corsair Scimitar RGB:

Phil: “Wow. This mouse is the best mouse I have ever owned. It’s extremely sturdy, very ergonomic, extremely responsive, quite adjustable, and downright beautiful.The grip and feel of the mouse is perfect for my large hands. The rubber resting nook on the side of the mouse for the ring finger is very grippy and comfortable to use for hours upon hours. I would highly recommend this mouse to anybody who needs both a lot of buttons on their mouse and high-end quality. I purchased this on impulse right at release and was wary since it was so new and there weren’t many reviews… but I don’t regret my decision. This is the king of high-button-count mice.”

Jameson: “The mouse is precise to the point of absurdity. The DPI can get so high that your cursor will rocket across the screen if you blow on it, but turn the speed down a bit and it will be the smoothest cursor you’ve used, gliding over each pixel. The buttons are tactile but not loud, good for midnight gaming, and the feel of the entire mouse is superior to the Naga.”

This mouse garnered a lot of good reviews and most of them recommend this mouse to every MMO gamer out there. If you want to buy one, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Gaming mouse costs $79.99.


Precisely what does Boostbox Do?

The Boostbox works together with a 3G mobile system, becoming an o2 signal enhancer. Any mobile 3G device will obtain a far more powerful and quicker signal using the o2 signal enhancer. The Boostbox utilizes an Internet line to maximize the connection of the 3G system utilizing o2, producing the Internet signal to do several of the work. The outcome is you have a more powerful signal that expands about as much as your internet modem.

How can I Set up the Boostbox?

The Boostbox attaches to your internet modem by means of an Ethernet cable. Furthermore, the Boostbox should be attached to an energy source. As soon as these two situations are met, the Boostbox will switch on and start giving out a signal. The initial thing your Boostbox will perform is to start upgrading itself as it instantly sets up. After a bit of time, the signal light will flash on, showing you that it’s all set.

Some typical difficulties consist of struggling to link to the Wireless network after you hook up the Boostbox. If it is the situation, then shift your Boostbox even further from your modem. Furthermore, regardless of what you are carrying out on your internet line, you must still owe the identical extra coverage to your 3G systems. This tends to only switch if you might be shifting big records over a really small connection. Irrespective, make sure you still capable to make calls.

When it involves o2, protection is increasing. Nevertheless, for people residing in places where coverage is weak, holding out is not necessarily an option. If this sounds like you, then think about buying a Boostbox. Improving your connection while you are at your house, this awesome device can ensure that you by no means drop a call ever again.