What one should know about Hoverboards?

Many people decide to buy hoverboards when they find their favorite celebrities riding on these self balancing scooters while viewing pictures, videos and the social media. However, before buying the hoverboard it is essential to have good knowledge of the various aspects of the device. While buying a hoverboard http://www.hoverboardofficiel.fr/ since one is paying a substantial amount of money it is all the more important to analyze the pros and cons of this device. Those who buy this device for their own use should find it useful as well as exciting and when it is given as a special gift to a loved one, the recipient of the gift must be delighted to have the hoverboard.


The electric hoverboards are very easy to use and are intuitive also. It takes only a very little time for the user to learn the operation of the hoverboard. Once the user is familiar with the device he finds it very easy and comfortable to ride on it.

It is easily available

The purchase of hoverboard is not a very difficult task. Hoverboards are available in the market in different models as well as prices. It is very easy to buy the hoverboard according to one’s budget. Hoverboards can be conveniently purchased from the online retailers also.

Easy to handle

The hoverboards are small in size and are light also so that they are easy to carry in bags. Hoverboard won’t weigh more than 25 pounds. It is very easy to store as well as transport the hoverboard.

Ideal for short distance travel

Hoverboards are ideal for travelling short distances and in that way they help to save fuel. With a single battery charge one can travel up to 15 miles on a hoverboard. It has a speed of 10 mph.

What are the disadvantages?

The high cost of hoverboards may be a constraint for some people. Extreme care is required while riding on the hoverboards. Self balancing of the body is very important and those who fail to balance the body may have to meet with severe injuries.


Since hoverboards are provided with Lithium Ion batteries they are more likely to get overheated.

Restricted use

One cannot ride the hoverboard anywhere in the city. Hoverboards are not allowed where there is heavy traffic. Even some of the malls and other business places also disallow the use of hoverboards within their premises.

Safety tips for hoverboard users

Wearing a safety helmet is very essential while riding hoverboards. While practicing to ride the hoverboard it is advisable that the rider may wear safety gears for wrists, elbows and knees also. Use of mobile phone should be avoided while riding on the hoverboard. The rider’s full attention must be on balancing his body. Those who buy new hoverboards should ensure that they buy products of reliable manufacturers. If the balancing is not appropriate it will be risky to ride on such hoverboards. It is advisable to go through the reviews before buying the hoverboard. The buyer should also consider the warranty of the device at the time of buying.